Your process is difficult for foreign customers.When Brenda made me her next kin of her late husband funds then your company said that I will pay 300 $ & then your company will open my new account in America even without my signature because I do not live in America & I can not come to America.This is wrong because your company had to do this that first your company had to bring Brenda's fund in her bank account or you could send that fund through SWIFT MONEY TRANSFER SYSTEM to my bank account which is in Pakistan & you would have to take your 300 $ from the funds of Brenda which you would send me through SWIFT MONEY TRANSFER SYSTEM with one letter in that you would write to tell my bank that who is Brenda ,How did she earn that money & why is she sending this amount of money to me.It is very simple way & this way is according to the Law of America & this is also according to the Law of my Pakistan.Due to your system I think I would be deprived from that fund which Sister Brenda wants to give me because I do not want that my any account will be opened in that country where I do not live because how will I look after it.If any wrong person would use it in any wrong work then my name will come & that's why it is very difficult thing & I don't want to open any new bank account in any other country where I do not live.My brothers I made {Aisha Amir's Peace Tree.} on net by that I try to help America in it's all peace loving works & now a days I am trying to help America in the works to try to control North Korea to try to bring North Korea towards table talks that's why every time I talks to veterans also,& veterans also talk to me it means we are good friends.I want to make you people also my good friends that's why I told you all these problems which are I am facing now a days because of your difficult process.This is my request to you that please do the work to send the money which sister Brenda wants to give through SWIFT MONEY TRANSFER SYSTEM & please do it quick because sister Brenda told me that doctors told her that she will die after few days due to the illness of cancer.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Yes when my problem will be resolved then I will write THANKS.I hope that my problem will be resolved quickly.


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